Collection: Swan Class Sloops Series

The SWAN series has been collaboration between David Antscherl, who wrote volumes I and II, and Greg Herbert, who was David's student builder of HMS PEGASUS. Together they put together a practicum that became the basis for this series of books.

In this series, Greg photographed his step by step progress in building his model following David's instructions. He has presented the best of his photos, along with his written comments on each one and has arranged them to match the chapters in the first two books.

The finished model is shown in full color along with pictures of other SWAN class models in an appendix section. David has also added instruction pages on building a binnacle for the model and a hull planking diagram. The rest of the appendices feature copies of historical documents concerning other SWAN class ships.

These books on the British Swan Class Sloops of 1767-1780 are valuable additions to the ship modeler's library and work bench, and we will endeavor to keep them in print.