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  • Caring for Ship Models

    Rob Napier is back with an excellent book on his life's work that is both a revealing look into his professional career and also a treatise on how to care for your models to last for generations. Caring for Ship Models is delivered in four parts: Part One, a prologue, introduces Rob and his involvement with ship modeling. Part Two offers perspectives on various aspects and philosophies of the ship modeling experience. Part Three focuses on physical processes Rob has used during his career. Part Four reviews what might be called case studies that examine influential and interesting projects.

    This book is one you will absolutely want in your collection and will be a valuable reference for years to come.


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  • Valkenisse Retourschip of 1717

    Whether a damaged model is one year old or 300, putting it back together can be a daunting task. Learn how one of the best in the world at reconditioning, Rob Napier, goes about working on the hull and re-rigging a 300 year old model of a Dutch East Indiaman. From research to fitting the last piece of rigging, Rob’s book covers it all. Four removable sheets of plans are pocketed in the back.


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