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Greg Herbert

The Ketch-rigged Sloop Speedwell of 1752 Volume II: Hull Details & Rigging by Greg Herbert and David Antscherl

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Speedwell is a ketch rigged sloop of 1752. Her rig was designed to be able to sail close to the wind to be able to go after her main prey, privateers and smugglers. She had light scantlings and was armed with 8 three pounders and 10 swivels.

She was a member of the Cruizer class and had a long life, being converted into a fire ship in 1779.

Greg Herbert and David Antscherl have teamed up again after their efforts in the very successful Swan series to produce a new series on Speedwell.

Volume II covers the hull details, remaining fittings and carved decorative works. Also included are masts, spars and rigging plans.

The book is 8 1/2 x 11 format with 184 pages, bound in hard cover with a dust jacket. An eight page color section is included along with 5 sheets of plans.

Author: Greg Herbert; David Antscherl

Pages: 184