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Justin Camarata

Waterline Dioramas A Modelbuilder's Artform by Justin F. Camarata

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Water is the natural element for a ship, and water is where Justin Camarata places his exquisite models. In a clear and easy way to follow, Justin takes you through the planning stages of a ship diorama's composition and placement of the model in the sea scene to be used. Succeeding chapters show the building of the hull, rigging and the making of sails that are accurate for the wind conditions to be portrayed. There are two highly detailed chapters on creating the sea conditions needed as well as sections on making figures for the model and final presentations.

There is a special color section showing the work of twelve masters of the waterline diorama. Works by McNarry, Hitchcock, Ronnberg , McCaffery, Reed and others are shown.

This book is recommended for the beginner to the pro.

Author: Justin F. Camarata

Pages: 232