Meet the New Captain

Hello! I thought it would be useful to provide an introduction to myself as the new

captain of SeaWatch Books. First, I’d like to express my thanks to Bob and Cathy for building a great brand and publishing high quality, beautiful books all these years. I’m honored to take the mantle. 

Besides being Sonofasonofasailor on the Model Ship World forum, my name in the real world is Mike Ellison. I have been building models since my youth starting with plastic kits (my first ship model was USS Enterprise, which I built at the age of 14). But, as is often the case with modeling, life intervened and college, professional, and family obligations took center stage for many years. I returned to modeling about 10 years ago and am a member of the Ship Model Society of New Jersey.

I graduated from Syracuse University in upstate New York in 1994 with degrees in Finance and Marketing. It was here where I met my wife Caroline and we got married a few years after graduating. After starting a career on Wall St., I had an opportunity to join my father in launching and building a marketing research firm, which has grown to nearly 100 people in New York City. My father is largely retired from the business and I continue to build and grow that company.

My wife and I reside in New Jersey and are soon to be empty-nesters. I am truly looking forward to building SeaWatch Books and continue to serve the ship modeling community. If you have any questions or ideas on how we can improve on our service, please email us at



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I have had the great pleasure to work with Mike over the years and have found him to be a seaworthy captain. The Ship Modeling world is lucky to have him aboard!

Lewis Schiff

Having had a disappointing and underwhelming experience with ModelShipWorld I hope that your position there would not result in a similar dictatorship-like orientation in your new position, Mike, to which I wish all the best and great success!

Janos Nemeth

Best of luck in your new venture!


Excellent. Glad to see the future blossom. Congratulations from Kennebunkport.

Steve Painter

So glad Seawatch is still afloat! Looking forward to new books! Good luck and all the best!

Don gentry

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