Tom Lauria Joins SeaWatch Books Author Roster

Tom Lauria Joins SeaWatch Books Author Roster

I am delighted to announce that master modeler Tom Lauria has joined SeaWatch's amazing roster of authors! You may know Tom from his YouTube channel where he shows some of his impressive work and provides valuable tips for modelers. I had the privilege of meeting Tom last year shortly after I took over SeaWatch and as a long-time fan of his channel, I knew I wanted him to write a book for us. After a few months of discussion (and with some help from some mutual friends), Tom finally agreed.

A bit more about Tom:

He was born in Bronx, NY in 1952 and started building ship models when he was seven years at which point he was "hopelessly hooked." When he was in his early twenties, he met William Quincy, master model builder at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. Immediately - and for the next two hours - Mr. Quincy patiently answered all of Tom's questions on a host of modeling topics. This changed the way Tom thought about the purpose ship models could serve and the way to build them.

In 1994, Tom and his family moved to Cape Cod, where they live today. He is still accepting commissions and is an active member of the USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild. Being a Guild member was another pivot point in Tom's life. "At any Guild meeting, you are surrounded by about a 1,000 years of ship modeling experience. If you have questions, chances are the answer is sitting next to you. Not a bad resource to have." 

We will provide more details in the months ahead about his first book, but the subject will be the Alice S. Wentworth and her captain Zebulon Tilton. I can't wait to bring Tom's first book to fruition! In the meantime, be sure to check out Tom's videos and particularly his tour of his Alice S. Wentworth model:

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I am eagerly awaiting the release of Tom Lauria's new book on the Alice Wentworth. Tom is one of my favorite ship modelers. I love his wit and his YouTube channel Hopefully, I will get notice soon so I can pre-order his book. Anything written or recorded by Tom has got to be "first rate".

John Newcome
Renton, Washington


No matter the subject of Toms new book, I look forward to its publishing. It will stand proud amongst my fairly sizable library of sailing vessels and modeling subjects. Tom not only produces highly accurate and the highest quality models and how-to videos on his YouTube channel. I eager await your book Tom

Ric Smith
Cape Coral Florida


Looking forward to the Book.

Timothy Murphy

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