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David Antscherl

Hayling Hoy of 1759 A Fully Framed Building Project by David Antscherl

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The Hayling Hoy of 1759 is aimed at the first time scratch builder or for the experienced modeler who is looking for a small project in-between major builds. The framing is based on volume one of the Fully Framed Model ( the Swan series) and this book will be a big help for anyone tackling this project.

Hoys were small craft used for many tasks in harbor or as small passenger and light cargo carriers along England’s East Coast. This 8 ˝”x 11” hard cover book is 200 pages long with hundreds of illustrations, an eight page color section and 3 sheets of plans. Whether this will be your first plank on frame model or just a fun project the Hayling Hoy is right for you.

Author: David Antscherl

Pages: 200