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Allan Yedlinsky

HMS EURYALUS (36) 1803 A Plank on Frame Model, Volume II by Allan Yedlinsky and Wayne Kempson

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HMS Euryalus was a Royal Navy 36-gun Apollo-class frigate, which saw service in the Battle of Trafalgar and the War of 1812. During her career she was commanded by three prominent naval personalities of the Napoleonic and post-Napoleonic period, Henry Blackwood, George Dundas and Charles Napier. After the end of the Napoleonic Wars she continued on active service for a number of years, before spending more than two decades as a prison hulk. She ended her career in Gibraltar where, in 1860, she was sold for breaking up.

The second and final volume of HMS Euryalus finishes this beautiful model. In pictures and text, Allan completes the framing, planking on the starboard side, upper decks, head and stern details and lots of other details. An eight page color section will be included with pictures of the completed model and a print of HMS Euryalus under sail by famed maritime artist Geoff Hunt.

There are 13 additional sheets of plans by Wayne in a rear pocket. Although the model is not rigged, Wayne has drawn plans for the masts and spars for anyone who wishes to go further with their build.

Author: Allan Yedlinsky

Pages: 136