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Rob Napier

Legacy of a Ship Model: Examining HMS PRINCESS ROYAL 1773 by Rob Napier

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We are fortunate to have another book from Rob Napier: Legacy of a Ship Model, Examining HMS Princess Royal 1773. Rob had the once in a lifetime chance to take apart, recondition and put back together one of the gems of the Rogers Collection of models at the US Naval Academy. Both the ship, HMS Princess Royal (90) 1773, and this model were built in 1773. The model was beginning to deteriorate, and Rob was retained to put her back in shipshape condition. Planning in advance, a permanent camera location was set up in Rob’s work shop to record almost every minute of the takedown and reconstruction process. The result is a fascinating, short DVD that accompanies the book. Whether you are a ship modeler, museum curator, naval historian or art enthusiast, you are going to love this book.

Author: Rob Napier

Pages: 224