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Gilbert McArdle

The Paddle Wheel Frigate USS Susquehanna, 1847 by Gilbert McArdle

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Introducing Gilbert (Gib) McArdle’s superb model and monograph of The Paddle Wheel Frigate USS Susquehanna, 1847.

USS Susquehanna is one of the great transition warships of the early 19th century. She had a full career in the US Navy, serving as Admiral Perry’s flagship on his historical trip to open Japan and as part of the Union blockade fleet during the Civil War.

While Gib has built his model using the plank on frame method, the model could also be built using plank on bulkhead, or with lifts for a solid hull. One of the interesting features of this build is Gib’s skillful modeling of the ship’s steam engine.

Plans for all of the frames are provided along with a full set of templates for a plank on bulkhead build. The ship is fully rigged and makes a beautiful model at 1:96. 10 sheets of plans are provided.

Author: Gilbert McArdle

Pages: 112