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David Antscherl

The Royal Yacht Fubbs of 1682 - Research and Building a 1:48 Scale Model

David Antscherl is back and has partnered with Effie Moneypenny to bring us The Stuart Royal Yacht Fubbs of 1682: Research and Building a 1:48 Scale Model.

This book describes the research, history, reconstruction and building of a model of the Stuart era Royal yacht. One of the most successful of some 25 yachts built for King Charles II, Fubbs was nambed for his favorite mistress, Louise de Kerouaille, the Duchess of Portsmouth. A ketch-rigged yact with two masts, she was elaborately equipped and decorated.

The model described in this book is based on research into a contemporary model that was in the possession of the Earls of Sandwich for many generations. The hull form was developed from research by the authors into the 'shipwrights secrets' of Commissioner Peter Pett. His second son, Sir Phineas Pett, built the Fubbs. This model represents the original ship rather than the rebuilt Fubbs of 1724.

Stay tuned for more details and release date!