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Ab Hoving

The Statenjacht Utrecht 1746 by Ab Hoving (Editor) and Cor Emke (Plans)

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In 1997 a group from Utrecht, The Netherlands, laid the keel of what was to become the Statenjacht Utrecht, a reconstruction of a Dutch States Yacht. Many provinces and cities in Holland built these vessels from the 17th to the 19th centuries to transport and entertain VIP’s.

The plans for the reconstruction were found by Ab Hoving in the archives of the Maritime Museum of Rotterdam. They had been drawn by Pieter van Zwijndregt in 1746. Armed with this great treasure and the experience of shipwrights who had built many large wooden ships, including the replica of Amsterdam II of 1749, the reconstruction of the VOC ship Batavia 1628 and Seven Provinces of 1666, construction began. Every step from then on was documented, and hence, this book.

The book was first published in Dutch by Uitgeverij Van Wijnen in 2008 and chronicles the building launching and sailing of Utrecht in full color. It is beautifully designed by Emiel Hoving. As a bonus, not included in the Dutch version, 13 sheets of plans at 1:50 are included. They were created by Cor Emke, a noted modeler and draftsman who also contributed chapters to the book.

Author: Ab Hoving

Pages: 176